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Be a dealer

Do you want to be one of our dealers of stop2slip??

It's very simple;

1. you meet one of our requirements - please see below

2. you contact us by e-mail

3. you will receive our dealer price list

4. you place your order

5. you receive an order confirmation (pro forma invoice) by e-mail

6. you pay in advance 

7. you receive your order within 8-10 working days

8. you sell like hell and order your 2. order

To be a dealer you have to meet one of the following requirement;

- you have a shop

- you have a web-shop

- or you are doing home parties

We would be glad to welcome you as one of our dealers

1 package w. 3 pcs.

(3 sizes)

price EUR 7.00

order now - click here

stop2slip - silver

stop2slip - gold


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