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v. Per Springborg

Bakkevej 12

DK-5450 Otterup


Tel: (+45) 6155 3016


Who is the founder of  stop2slip ?

LP-Sales v/Per Springborg -

Where is stop2slip manufactured?

In Otterup, Denmark - we buy in the items  - do the assembly and the packing.

When is stop2slip brought to market? 

On August 10th 2010 the film was released on YouTube

How did we get the idea making stop2slip ?

Several times we have had the bad luck that the spoon slipped into the sauce - it's very frustrating especially by a party. We decided to do something about it and that's the reason why stop2slip saw the light of the day in August 2010.

1 package w. 3 pcs.

(3 sizes)

price EUR 7.00

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stop2slip - silver


ejer/Inhaber/owner: LP-Sales  v. Per Springborg  ¤  Bakkevej 12  ¤  DK-5450 Otterup ¤ Danmark ¤ CVR: DK27835732  ¤