stops the spoon    

Danish Design          


"damn! ...... the spoon sliped into the sauce again."

It's over now - with stop2slip your spoon will never slip again

stop2slip is an effektive and functional small rubber ring you simply place on your spoon or on your ladle and the stop2slip prevents the spoon slipping into the sauce, jam,  mustard etc.

A chic little number at a low price for the daily use at home or in restaurants.

You get a package with 3 pcs in different sizes each with a unique charm.

Available in 2 models:

stop2slip - silver - black rubber ring with a silver-plated charm

stop2slip - gold - black rubber ring with a golden-plated charm

1 package w. 3 pcs.

(3 sizes)

price EUR 7.00

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stop2slip - silver

stop2slip - gold


ejer/Inhaber/owner: LP-Sales  v. Per Springborg  ¤  Bakkevej 12  ¤  DK-5450 Otterup ¤ Danmark ¤ CVR: DK27835732

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